Erasmus – courses 2023/2024


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Computer science – Erasmus




Block – Computer science
Abbreviation Name Current Credit Range End Sem. Prerequisites Teacher
ÚINF/ZLI/21 Linux basics 2 2P H W Sokol, Staňa
ÚINF/PRM1/15 Project management 4 2L + 1P S W Pristaš, Semanišin
ÚINF/USU/19 Introduction to machine learning 5 2L + 2P PaS W Basics of programming in Python, or another alternative programming language suitable for data analysis Antoni
ÚINF/UNS1/15 Introduction to neural networks 5 2L + 2P S W Basics of programming in Python, or another alternative programming language suitable for data analysis Antoni, Horvát
ÚINF/PRO1b/15 Project II. 4 4P H W advanced programming skills Gurský
ÚINF/VYZ1/15 Computational complexity 4 2L S W Basic notions from the theory of automata and formal languages. Basic skills in programming and design of algorithms (in any programming language). Basics knowledge in mathematical logic, set theory, and graph theory. Geffert
ÚINF/KRS/15 Cryptographic systems and their applications 6 3L + 2P PaS W basic number theory and algebra, basic programming Jirásek, Krivoš-Belluš
ÚINF/MTL/22 MATLAB and neurocognition 2 2P H W basic programing skills or instructor’s consent Kopčo, Lokša, Doreswamy
ÚINF/VKN1/22 Computational and cognitive neuroscience I 5 2L + 2P S W Algebra, programming (Matlab). Kopčo, Lokša, Doreswamy
ÚINF/APS1/15 Applied probability and statistics 5 2L + 2P S W the basics of differential and integral calculus Török
ÚINF/VKN2/22 Computational and cognitive neuroscience II 5 2L + 2P S W basics of neurobiology, cognitive psychology, linear algebra and differential equations, programing, or instructor’s consent Kopčo, Doreswamy
ÚINF/KKV1/21 Classical and quantum computations 6 3L + 2P S W Linear algebra, Group theory, Probability theory, Theory of algorithms, Introduction to quantum computers. Semanišin, Olejár
ÚINF/KRP1/15 Cryptographic protocols ! 4 2L + 2P PaS W fundamental cryptographic concepts and primitives (as taught in the course KRS/15 or in the scope of the textbook „Understanding Cryptography“ by Christof Paar and Jan Pelzl).
The course is not organized annually.
Jirásek, Krivoš-Belluš
ÚINF/AOS1/15 Administration of OS ! 2 2P H W basics of Linux usage, basic knowledge of computer networks, operating systems Sokol, Bajtoš
ÚINF/AFJ1a/15 Automata and formal languages 4 2L + 1P S S Geffert, Šebej
ÚINF/SPP1b/22 Programming environments in schools II 4 2L + 2P H S Šnajder
ÚINF/TYS1/15 Typographical systems 2 2P H S Bednárová, Krajči
ÚINF/PPPy/18 Advanced programming in Python 2 2P PaS S Ability to implement simple programs in a selected programming language (eg Java, Pascal, C …), basic knowledge of the principles of object-oriented programming. Guniš
ÚINF/PSIN/15 Computer network Internet 5 3L + 1P PaS S Basic programming skills Gurský
ÚINF/ASU1/15 Algorithms and data structures 4 2L + 1P S S programming skills in some programming language (Python/Java/C++/…), mathematics (computing with polynomials, logarithmic and exponential functions; computing limits of sequences, L’Hospital rule) Krivoš-Belluš
ÚINF/PDS1/21 Parallel and distributed systems 5 2L + 2P PaS S basic of concurrent programming, operating system principles Jirásek, Krivoš-Belluš, Dvorský, Mikeš
ÚINF/UUI1/15 Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science 3 2L S S basic programming, neurobiology, cognitive psychology, or instructor’s consent Kopčo
ÚINF/LAD1/15 Logical aspects of databases 4 2L S S databases (SQL), predicate logic (a symbol, a term, a formula, an interpretation) Krajči
ÚINF/PMO1/15 Process modeling 5 2L + 2P S S programming, bases of software engineering and database management systems, bases of project management Semanišin
ÚINF/ARP1/15 Computer architecture ! 4 2L + 1P PaS S fundamental concepts of computer architecture and design within the scope of a standard undergraduate course.
The course is not organized annually.
Jirásek, Šebej


Other signs can occur next to the courses of the study programmes
! – course will not be implemented in the given academic year
+ – course will not be implemented, perhaps the next academic year
– course is implemented for the last time

Explanatory notes:

Range: L – Lecture, P – Practice
Semester: W – Winter, S – Summer
End: S – Examination, H – Evaluation, Z – Credit Exam, A – Passing, PaS – Continuous assessment
with examination, P – Continuous assessment / Practice