Institute of Computer Science

Institute of Computer Science at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice provides education in accredited programs of the study program Informatics at all three levels of university education. Education is supported by scientific research and participation in domestic and international projects.

Why study with us?

Novel study programs
We offer novel study program Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence in academic year 2020/2021. You can find all study programs at our department at  list of study programs.
New labs
Use Cyber Security Laboratory, Laboratory of computer vision with virtual reality, Laboratory of Internet of Things, Laboratory of Intelligent Data Analysis and some other laboratories in our University Science Park.

The Institute of Computer Science has more than thirty years of tradition and long-term experience in teaching computer science.

Family atmosphere
In our university, each student is an individuality that we can address individually and we can solve individually the possible problems. We support several events aimed exclusively for students.

State-of-the-art research reflected in study programs
Researchers specialize in leading areas of research and incorporate current knowledge into curricula. Programming, data analytics, machine learning, software engineering, computer security, neural networks and many other areas are immediately presented to students at seminars and lectures.

Cooperation with practice
The Košice region is experiencing a boom in information technology and is the seat of several leading companies. Cooperation with them takes place on several levels – either in the form of subjects directly realized by companies, participation in Košice IT Valley, or in various activities that these companies support.