Master’s degree

Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence is an interdisciplinary study programme at the Faculty of Science at the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice, which combines the theoretical and practical skills from the field of mathematics and computer science in a balanced manner. Interdisciplinarity provides the graduate greater opportunities in choosing follow-up studies or on the labor market.


Selection of courses

1st year of study

  • Combinational algorithms, Stochastic processes, Multidimensional Statistical Methods – Understanding real life calls for the creation and understanding of its models.
  • Data Management Seminar I – We will take a look at real life problems in cooperation with our partners.
  • Computational complexity, Organization and data processing – Even today’s computational means cannot cope with every single problem. When that happens, the human brain enters the game.
  • Machine Learning – Nowadays we simply cannot imagine autonomous and expert system without Machine Learning.
  • Markov’s processes and their applications
  • Foundations of knowledge systems


2nd year of study

  • Neural Networks – Deep Neural Networks keep shining brighter and brighter and every Data Analyst needs to understand how to use them.
  • Classical and quantum computations – Our graduates keep up with the times, quantum computers are not only utopian dreams.
  • Approximation algorithms – The need for different tools used to solve real life problems is endless.
  • Data management seminar II – We will take a look at real life problems in cooperation with our partners.