ADUI – Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

Six reasons to study ADUI in Košice


(During your studies) You will gain an extensive foundation in programming, mathematics and statistics that you will be able to apply to solve real life challenges.


You will be taught by experts who deal with intriguing issues such as improving methods for recognizing cancer cells, identifying dangerous cyber-attacks, finding Binary stars etc. 


Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence is an accredited study program at the bachelor’s and master’s levels.


The colossal amount of collected data calls for a reasonable use. There is and will continue to be a very high demand for Data Analysts for a long time to come whether it be here in the Eastern Slovakia or anywhere else in the world.


You will work on various projects assigned by the companies we work with, with the possibility to become an intern at a reputable company or to spend a part of your studies at a foreign university.


Košice is a city full of young people which lives.

At MATSUKO, we are developing the Skype 3D of the future. Data scientists work with the latest know-how from the field of Artificial Intelligence on the development of holograms. Resulting in a great demand for the skills that will a student acquire by the time they graduate the study programme Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence in our company.

Matúš Kirchmayer, MATSUKO | CEO