ADUI – Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

The Faculty of Science UPJŠ opened a new Study Programme – Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence in the academic year 2020/2021. This year we will welcome a new cohort, come and join us!

Six reasons why study Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence in Košice:

  1. Challenge – (During your studies) You will gain an extensive foundation in programming, mathematics and statistics that you will be able to apply to solve real life challenges.
  2. Expertise – You will be taught by experts who deal with intriguing issues such as improving methods for recognizing cancer cells, identifying dangerous cyber-attacks, finding Binary stars etc. 
  3. Collaboration – You will work on various projects assigned by the companies we work with, with the possibility to become an intern at a reputable company or to spend a part of your studies at a foreign university.
  4. Versatility – The colossal amount of collected data calls for a reasonable use. There is and will continue to be a very high demand for Data Analysts for a long time to come whether it be here in the Eastern Slovakia or anywhere else in the world.
  5. Accreditation – Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence is an accredited study program at the bachelor’s and master’s levels.
  6. Košice – Košice is a city full of young people which lives.

Opinions from the field

At MATSUKO, we are developing the Skype 3D of the future. Data scientists work with the latest know-how from the field of Artificial Intelligence on the development of holograms. Resulting in a great demand for the skills that will a student acquire by the time they graduate the study programme Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence in our company.

Matúš Kirchmayer, MATSUKO | CEO

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